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The Power of Plan B

Get Your Team Empowered! 


The Power of Plan B is a self-empowerment concept created to promote employee engagement and foster teamwork. This concept is based on the foundation of The Power of Plan B Empowerment Circle, which emphasizes four quadrants of life transition and encourages self-empowerment and accountability in work and your personal life. 

Visit for more information about the book, The Power of Plan B - Leap Into Your Greatness, by Natalie A. Smith, President and Founder of PeopleWiseHR.

Or … do you want to go on a personal journey?

Get Ready to Take Your Leap of Faith! 

Find your purpose, passion and get connected to living your dreams. 


The Power of Plan B is a practical guide to living your best life now, not later.  Life is Plan A, but life never happens as expected.  Plan B is about self empowerment and finding your way when life throws you curves. 

Don't sell yourself short, start with Plan B now before life happens.